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Anthony Barone is a well-versed 21-year-old drummer from Long Island, NY with an extensive musical background. Throughout his emerging career he has become familiar with various genres and styles including Hardcore, Pop Punk, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Drum ‘n Bass/Breakbeat, and Latin. In recent years, he has come to specialize in more extreme styles, particularly Metal/Death Metal. In addition to his impressive drumming repertoire, Anthony is also a self-taught guitarist who has been playing for about five years. He joined the YouTube community when he was just fourteen and is now a verified YouTube Partner with 2.5 million (+) lifetime views and over 10,000 subscribers. His cover of August Burns Red’s “Composure” recently reached over 500,000 views. 

Anthony had been highly involved with his musical abilities at a rather young age. He began taking lessons at eleven-years-old with long time instructor and mentor, Joe Friedman (ANAUTOPSY, Ultrageist). Friedman continued to guide and tailor Anthony’s path throughout his teen years and remained a prominent influence in Anthony’s musical career. He assisted him with competing in the 2009 and 2010 NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) festivals, where he played at both Level 6 and All-State Level 6. Throughout middle school and high school Barone was also a member of Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Percussion Ensemble. Towards the end of his high school career, Friedman further influenced Barone to apply to the renowned Berklee College of Music. Upon auditioning, Anthony received a partial scholarship and enrolled in the 2011. During his Freshman and Sophomore years he continued on to receive private instruction from his professors Tony “Thunder” Smith (Lou Reed, Jan Hammer Group) and Rod Morgenstein (Winger, Dixie Dregs). Additionally, Barone cofounded the progressive band called Native Construct with his close friends and classmates Gabe Salomon and Myles Yang and later released their January 2012 single, "Chromatic Aberration.”

In June of 2012, Anthony joined forces with Aegaeon, an Atmospheric Deathcore band from Evansville, Indiana after they discovered his YouTube channel. Over the course of the summer he completed two tours - one of which was the near five week long Slaughter Survivors tour in support of Fit For An Autopsy, Fallujah, Enfold Darkness, and Pathology. He also recorded their July 2012 EP “Being” at The Sound Lair in Knoxville, TN with producer Miah Lajeunesse (Whitechapel’s “The Somatic Defilement,” 2007). 

In 2013, Anthony made the decision to take a break from his studies to pursue touring full time. He’s been featured in seven tours and has shared the stage with numerous bands - some of which include: Handguns, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Major League, Sworn In and Vanna.  In June, he returned to The Sound Lair to record Aegaeon’s latest single “Neural Union.” You can also see him in the official music video directed by filmmaker and music video director Scott Hansen, who has worked with bands such as Animals As Leaders, A Day To Remember, After The Burial, and Carnifex. In January 2014, his travels expanded to Europe and the United Kingdom where he was once again featured with Aegaeon on Australian Deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder’s headlining tour, in support of Heart Of A Coward (UK) and Aversions Crown (AUS). In total, he has played shows in over 100 cities in 8 countries including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Poland, Belgium, France, Scotland, and England. 

During his time off from school, Anthony has been dedicated to working on his craft and all around musicianship. He is currently collaborating with Westfall Recording Co. and their sister company Slate Media Group on several projects to be released in the upcoming year. Barone continues to further his education by taking online courses and plans to return to Berklee College of Music in the fall to continue his studies in Professional Music.

anthony has shared the stage with bands such as

Fit For An Autopsy
Art Is Murder
The Last Ten Seconds
Hand Guns
Major League
Heart Of A Coward
Sworn In

As Well As

Abiotic, Allegaeon, Anagnorisis, Dark Sermon, Enfold Darkness, Float Face Down, The Greenery, King Conquer, Light Years,  A Loss For Words, My Bitter End, Pathology, Putrid Pile, Seeker, Sirens & Sailors, This Is Hell, The World We Knew, and Young and in the Way.

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Video Performances

Beneath the Massacre - Unheard [Drum // Guitar Dual Cover]
Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man [Drum Cover]
Aversions Crown - Hollow Planet [Drum // Guitar Dual Cover]
Beneath the Massacre - Damages [Drum // Guitar Dual Cover]
Behemoth - Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa [Drum Cover]
Anthony Barone – Death Metal Collaboration
with Willie Kramer // Alf Kaminsky
Aegaeon – Neural Union
[Official Music Video]
Anthony Barone – Senior Project
[Official Video]
Decrepit Birth – The Living Doorway
[Drum // Guitar Dual Cover]
Behemoth – Demigod
[Drum // Guitar Dual Cover]
Signal The Firing Squad – Abnegate
[Drum // Guitar Dual Cover]
Fallujah – Cerebral Hybridization
[Drum // Guitar Dual Cover]

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